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It’s back! The event we have all been waiting for!

CFC, a local family run business established in 1974 are proud to announce that Furniture Show NI takes place at CFC Cookstown, Abbey Centre and Campsie from Saturday 28th September – Sunday 20th October (Cookstown store ends 19th Oct).

Dating back from 2013 this sale concept was developed with one main goal – to bring our local customers the best guaranteed prices on top quality brand new furniture – unlike other events which discount and get rid of old and discontinued stock.

This 3 week event has been a huge success with customers saving hundreds of thousands of pounds, and since then it has quickly gone on to become Ireland’s only Public Furniture Show and a household name. Every year we work hard to bring you better products and better prices with this year being no exception. Our team have worked tirelessly to prepare our stores for the biggest event of our year.

After the event our exhibitors will leave and the fantastic discounts will be gone. There are no gimmicks – there is a one off 3 week opportunity for you to meet the companies, receive the best advice and buy at massively reduced prices. 

Our Cookstown branch is home to Ireland’s largest Parker Knoll Centre Of Excellence. We are also the only store in Ireland that showcases Carlton Furniture. 

All 3 CFC stores are closed 23rd-27th September to let suppliers set up for the show which starts on the 28th September at 10am.

All stores have late night opening with Campsie and Abbey Centre branches open on Sundays from 1pm to 6pm Check out our Store Location Tab for individual opening hours.


Q. How have you ensured the best prices?
. To ensure the Best & Lowest prices EVER, we have asked suppliers to set up product positioned in our stores. This is like no other Furniture Show which they attend where they only sell to retailers. Their prerequisite for attendance is that they must give a one off significant discount on all their products on during the show. This enables you to buy at the show at the best prices for these 3 weeks only.
To reiterate ALL products MUST be heavily discounted or we will not let the companies attend the show.

Q. What happens after the show?
. The exhibitors will pack up and leave. Prices cannot be held beyond the 3 week period as the exhibitors and discounts will be gone. There are no gimmicks - this is a one off 3 week opportunity for you to meet the companies and buy at massively reduced prices. When this show ends it really does end.

Q. How have you ensured the highest quality products?
. We have only allowed the best suppliers to exhibit. We have instructed that they will only show their best and newest product releases at the show, this is not a clearance event!! To reiterate ALL products MUST be heavily discounted or we will not let the companies attend.

Q. Will the suppliers be there in person?
. Yes. We have ensured that company Directors, Sales Managers and Representatives attend at various times during the event. This will give you the opportunity to speak to the suppliers directly and get their expert advice. Most suppliers will be in attendance during the first and last weekends of the show. Click on the exhibitors tab to see who will be attending.